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I am writing an essay for my ethics class, my topic is about preferential treatment, affirmative action, and workforce hiring quotas for minorities and women. I wanted to see if I could find any interesting information packed videos on YouTube and I came across this video. I never really thought about the fact that this is something that happens everywhere, not just in a America. But considering they only brought it up once and then reverted right back to issues in China; I’m just trying to understand the part of the video where they talk about America, did they not understand the irony in that clip, or was that intended?

(To understand the video, turn on English captions at “cc.” bottom right tool bar)

I just really love this song. Stuck on repeat all morning! 

I have only two emotions,
Careful fear and dead devotion.
I can’t get the balance right.



The National - “Don’t Swallow the Cap”

Love this song! I have a pink button up sweater that has holes in cuffs of the sleeves that are made for your thumbs to slide in…That sweater makes me sing this song! =] 


The Neighbourhood - “Sweater Weather”

Pet Peeve Sunday

Okay, sooooo I have a pet peeve. It’s one I have had for a while and it just increasingly gets worse. I know it may sound childish, but isn’t that what pet peeves are all about? 

Okay so here goes, brace yourself, cause ima bout to unload….

I HATE that all my stupid friends …want to have birthday parties, for their stupid kids every stupid flipping year. And to boot, they also want to have stupid birthday parties for themselves… UUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!  

I mean seriously, how much money do these people think I have? Because I cannot go to a party and eat all the food and not bring a present, well I could but I wouldn’t feel right about it. 

Then if you don’t show up they’re like: “Didn’t you get my Facebook invite?” 
….I’m gonna shove that Facebook invite bleepity bleep bleep bleep!!!

Just this month alone I was invited to FIVE birthday parties and the month isn’t even over. I don’t have kids, and going to a party and watching all the bratty kids screaming because someone stole their cake is not my idea of a good time. Last month I was invited to two baby showers and two birthday parties. and earlier this year I was invited to another five baby showers and about twenty-five birthday’s (kids and adults). And these baby showers just rip me up because that means next year I will be invited to SEVEN MORE stupid birthdays. 

When I was kid, I think I had at MOST, four birthday parties and two of them were family ones. and I turned out just A-Okay. These damn kids do not need all these flipping parties and you adults do not need to have a happy 37th party bash, GROW UP! Milestones are the only acceptable birthday parties for adults. Call me when you celebrate your 40th. Until then, I could care less if you are another year older. You’re stupid and so is your kid. 

Yeah yeah yeah, I know…I sound so mean, but really? How on earth does one have time for so many parties? And all would be good if they weren’t offended when I didn’t show up. And maybe some would say: “well maybe they enjoy your presence”…NO, they don’t, because if they did they would spend more than five minutes saying hello. They just want more gifts for their spoiled rotten kids and to look popular to all the people present and the ones on Facebook who will see their photos. 

I originally decided to ban ALL parties! But, I can’t really do that. So, I will only attend them if it is:  a: someone who lives close by, b: someone I actually like, c: if the kid is a legitimately good deserving kid of my hard earn money, and d: If I am insanely bored and need cake! 

Maybe one day when I have kids I will feel differently, but I will defintely not be one of those parents who throws a party EVERY YEAR! 

Until then, take your party and shove it! 

That’s all, thank you come again, exits are here, here, here, and here! =] 

Now breath and smile! =] 


My life is so indirectly a Jerry Springer show. I have no idea how it happens, but I’m like the calm in the middle of the storm with drama whipping all around me while I stand there quite and confused trying to figure out why people just can’t get their sh*t together or leave me out of it. I hate playing the nice guy liaison. Tonight that “nice guy” mentality started out strong and slowly dissipated. I’m becoming numb to it. I pride myself in staying happy and drama free, but there’s always a someone or two that has to try to test your faith and bring you down. I won’t succumb to it. Maybe one day I should write a book, it’d be an interesting read.


I can’t find a dubstep remix of this song, can someone make one? Please and thanks! =] 

One of the only regrets I have in this life, is not learning how to play an instrument. I guess it’s never too late; but, I just don’t have the extra time right now. Maybe one day! =] 

….People are strange when you’re a stranger, Faces look ugly when you’re alone.



Need IVF? Want to join a support group? Check out this group I found. It’s a closed group, which means it’s private from your timeline, and you can post anything you want about your infertility or just browse. =]

Happiness is an inside job!

One of the best compliments one can get is: “You’re always so happy.”  I was lucky enough to receive one of those today! =]